понедељак, 18. април 2016.

IATEFL Conference 2016 - Day 2

Thursday 14 April

ELTJ Signature Event

This house believes that teacher training is a waste of time

Many people assume that a training course is an important - even essential - preparation for professional English language teaching. But does training really help....or is it just a waste of time and money? Should we call a halt to teacher training? 

The two speakers with the opposed views were 
the fabulous Peter Grundy and the pretty shy Penny Ur

Chair: Graham Hall


I really enjoyed the debate, listening to the two extraordinary and outstanding teachers giving their opposed arguments to the ever lasting question is the teacher training a waste of time or not

Penny Ur is one of my favourite persons from the ELT world and 
Peter Grundy with his way of presenting the ideas and his special laugh, from this point on is 
the number one in my ELT world

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