понедељак, 18. април 2016.

IATEFL Conference 2016 - Day 1

Wednesday 13 April

Jim Scrivener

The naive teacher walks into a classroom

"I have a suspicion that much guidance for teachers tends to obscure more than it illuminates. I  will suggest that training could be improved by initially only exploring some very simple, basic ideas. For example, in a listening lesson, get them to listen as much as possible. Help them (push them) towards understanding more." 

 In his wonderful talk Jim explains that being a teacher comes from the heart not from the insitutional titles and asks the teachers to think for themselves -
 Are you a complicator or a simplifier?



  A wonderful teacher in his wonderful speech explains that being a great teacher and still remain naive in the hearth and eager to learn and help others is not something beyond us but within us

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