уторак, 19. април 2016.

IATEFL Conference 2016 - Day 3

 Friday 15 April

Creating an online teacher training course
Deirdre Cijffers (Cambridge University Press)

The talk that Deirdre gave explores the challenges facing teachers who are beginning to deliver blended learning courses using Cambridge University Press publications. She shared findings from research conducted with teachers doing a Cambridge online training course at the start of their semester to see how effective this kind of training can be and to establish criteria for creating practical teacher-participant centred training.

She explains that online teacher training should cover the following categories like challenge, context, response, approach, results, data and feedback. The challenges for teachers are various like - functionality, methodology, self-perception, integrating technology without losing focus on effective teaching and putting the puzzle pieces together in a way that makes sense for them and their students.

Also regarding the approach to the teacher, there are two main questions to be concerned
1. What is the experience of the teacher who is using the digital materials?
2. Assumptions:
  • Teachers are intelligent
  • Teachers are busy

An inductive story means that the sample teacher is a person like you who is put in a situation with a challenge and has to give a certain feedback on the Cambridge LMS. The data obtained show that 77% improved test scores and 83% improved 'can do' response.

My impression from this talk is that Deirdre is the extraordinary professional ELT trainer who is yet to be heard of in the ELT world 

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